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Wire Dog Muzzles

Extra Comfy Lightweight Metal Muzzles with Perfect Ventilation

Choose the best wire dog muzzle for your canine! In this category you'll find a big variety of metal dog muzzle types - wire dog muzzles for small, medium or large breeds, wire dog muzzles with rubber covering (which are perfect for wearing in cold and snowy days), metal dog muzzles with leather straps and paddings for professional dog training, comfy metal dog muzzles with nose padding for daily walking (which allow your dog to bark, breathe freely and even eat some little treats, while the dog is muzzled).
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NEW ARRIVALS - Dog Muzzles

Ordering a muzzle can be an easy task for you if you know exactly the size of your dog's snout and what purpose you choose the muzzle for.

But what if you are not sure or do it for the first time in your dog's life? What if you want to get a dog muzzle for various activities? Or maybe you're confused about how to get correct measurements of the dog's snout and how long can the doggie stay muzzled?

What kind of wire dog muzzle to choose for your beloved canine?

If you live in cold and foggy region, your dog will probably need a wire cage dog muzzle with rubber covering, that prevents sticking of your doggie's tongue and snout to the metal cage. Also, due to its smart construction, the muzzle allows your dog to bark, breathe freely and even to drink water or eat some little treats. This feature is very important during long walks or training sessions. So, there are a lot of purposes you can choose this muzzle for - obedience training, socializing, vet visiting and daily walking in any weather!

Sometimes it seems to be unreal to combine several different needs in one dog muzzle. But this theory can't be applied to the basket dog muzzle with leather paddings and straps. You can use it for vet visiting, obedience training, off leash training, safe walking, socializing your dog or just walking.

Let your dog get benefits from wearing cage muzzle:

Wire cage dog muzzle with nose padding only and without (or with) strap between the eyes are great for daily walking or activities in nice sunny or warm weather. This muzzle allows your pet to bark, to pant and drink water, but still, prevents from chewing undesirable things or biting. It's a very important feature of this muzzle's type and shape, as the possibility for the dog to open his / her mouth and to pant reduces feeling of stress and fear, while wearing the product.

Metal construction of the dog muzzles is made of strong nickel plated steel. Due to the durable materials, the muzzles are made of, they don't change their shapes and ensure a long lifespan of the products. Nose part is made of genuine leather and padded with soft material for your dog to feel comfort and protect the snout part from rubbing while wearing the muzzle.

As the wire cage muzzle is made of non-toxic genuine leather and durable nickel-plated steel, it is safe for dogs to wear. Due to the perfect air circulation, wire cage muzzle types are recommended by dog trainers, vets, and behaviorists. These muzzles can be worn by dogs during training sessions or daily walking.

Our recommendations on how to make proper measurements of the dog

On our web pages with dog muzzles you'll find our recommendations (video, size charts, and descriptions) on how to make proper measurements of your pet's snout and what will you need to do them. Check the available sizes and make sure your dog breed can be muzzled with the one you want. If you have any questions, please, call us or send an e-mail.

Please, remember!

It's not recommended to leave your dog muzzled for a long time, especially during training sessions. It's recommended to start with dog muzzle wearing from putting it on for short periods of time and gradually, make these periods longer. Let your dog have a rest after 1 hour of training sessions. Also, don't leave your dog unattended when muzzled, to avoid unpleasant situations.

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