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Leather Dog Muzzles

Made of the Best Selected Leather, Muzzles for Safe Walking and Training

Leather dog muzzles are considered to be a classical variant of canine equipment. So if you consider purchasing a leather muzzle, it is the right place to look for your dog's ideal gear. Fordogtrainers presents a large variety of high-quality muzzles made of full grain natural leather. Choose between basket style or anti-barking loop-like dog muzzles. All they offer perfect air flow and comfy wear without rubbing or irritations, as each is padded with soft felt or Nappa leather. Be sure, your dog will breathe freely, so will experience no discomfort. Approved by professional vets and trainers, each model is created for comfortable walking and training. You will surely find the muzzle you and your dog needs, as there are models meant for different purposes such as professional training, agitation, vet visiting, daily walking or socializing of your precious canine. Natural leather, additionally reinforced with rivets, is a guarantee of a long service of our products.
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What you should know about leather dog muzzles

Putting a muzzle on your dog is necessary and sometimes even indispensable thing when your dog is going out, especially if your dog belongs to middle or large breed. Besides, it is prescribed by law. The next step after you have decided to muzzle your canine is to select the best muzzle that will comfortably fit the canine and correspond to the purposes of its use. Which model should you choose? This depends on the situation. There are different situations your dog should be muzzled and we have a great decision to offer for any of them.  

 Breathable Royal German Shepherd Muzzle Padded Inside

Mesh Cage Leather Muzzle with Perfect Air Flow

Intended use of leather dog muzzles

  • Comfortable everyday walk
  • Attack/Agitation training
  • Vet visiting
  • Grooming sessions
  • Off-leash walking
  • Traveling

Key features of our dog leather muzzles

Our store presents you a huge variety of leather dog muzzles that will suit any dog breed and provide safety both for your dog and the people surrounding him/her. Leather is one of the best materials, as this natural material combines strength, flexibility and safety. It is pleasant to touch and protects the dog's skin from irritations. Leather doesn't cause allergy, being dog-friendly and non-toxic. All the muzzles are designed according to the dog's snout and head shape for each dog breed individually. Every model has a soft lining to prevent rubbing.
Made of strong genuine leather, they are also reinforced with rivets for additional durability and longer service. The muzzles are different sizes adjustable to guarantee your dog total comfort. They are rather lightweight and do not cause any kind of discomfort for the canine during activity. When choosing an ideal gear for your canine, please, pay attention to the following points:

  • perfect air flow for free breathing
  • good adjustment for comfy fit
  • soft inside padding for comfortable wear
  • light weight

Daily Walking

There are many different types and uses for muzzles. If your dog is preparing for a walk, where he is going to run, play or just be active, then lightweight leather basket muzzle might be a great idea. First of all, the air flow is excellent.  Such muzzles allow the dog to pant for cooling as well as to drink water but still, keeps him/her from being able to bite. Daily walking will be a pleasure for your dog in the correctly chosen muzzle.

Well-ventilated Leather Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Straps

Basket Cage Leather Dog Muzzle – Best for Everyday Wear

Police Training Muzzles

Police dog muzzles were designed for army forces and police service for dog training and patrolling. Thus it is the best solution for attack and agitation training and is very popular among regular handlers. Due to the ergonomic construction, your dog will feel comfortable while training, as the muzzle is padded on the nose part to secure your dog's nose from rubbing. It guarantees a maximum safety for the dog. As a rule agitation muzzles have a steel bar in their construction to maintain their shape. Rather hard leather covers the dog's snout, repeating the snout contours. In Handmade Leather Dog Muzzle there are many ventilation holes for great air circulation for the dog to breathe freely during heavy-duty training.

Pro training dog muzzles should be worn only for short training sessions not longer than 1 hour. Put the muzzle off your dog when training session is over.

Dog training may be not so boring with Handpainted Leather Muzzles. Featuring all the advantages of ordinary training and walking leather muzzles, such dog product has an exclusive design that will surely single out your doggie from the crowd.
If you need a muzzle to stop barking then choose anti bark muzzles, they come in leather and they are loop-shaped. Quiet time is ensured! Please, be advised no bark muzzles should not be worn for a long time as well.
If you need a muzzle to stop barking then choose anti-barking dog muzzle. They are loop-shaped. The main advantage of this muzzle is its open-nose structure. Due to this form, your dog won’t feel lack of air. Wearing this muzzle it will be able to breathe freely when it is walking. Please, be advised no bark muzzles should not be worn for a long time as well.

Anti-barking Leather Dog Muzzle-Adjustable

Leather Loop-like Dog Muzzle Allows the Dog to Breathe Freely

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