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Leather Dog Leashes

Leather leashes are widely used and take the lead among all the variety of dog walking and training leads. We are glad to offer you top grade dog tools made of the highest quality selected leather. Our line of leather dog leashes includes a wide range of models and styles designed and handcrafted by professionals.
It is easy to choose the lead, which will help to handle your dog in different situations - walking, playing, training, tracking, police work, vet visiting and so on. Many models have the option to select the length suitable the best. Take your dog over quality control with our dog leashes made of the best leather material and equipped with super strong rustproof hartdware! Check handcrafted dog leads and you will have no chance to leave our store without a high-quality supply for your precious dog. Premium quality at a reasonable price.

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Watch Great Danes walking on Multifunctional Leather Dog Leads - Multimode Bind Leash

Keep Your Dog Under Reliable Control

Walking is very important if not to say more par of the dog's life. They enjoy every minute of walking around the house, park or outside the street. Vets recommend that walking is a great form of therapy and exercise. To a great extent, the holistic notion of nature walks, meeting new people and other dogs tends to get dogs so much excited. This might scare them off. They might run away, enter unrestricted zones and cause damage.

As you walk around with your dog within the public circle spending in a high-quality leash is an essential tool that may prevent the occurrence of unexpected situations.
A strong quality leash helps to control the dog's movement. It also helps prevent the dog from making inappropriate gestures to strangers.

Designed to keep dogs safe and under control, the most important characteristic they all share is the ability to keep your pet safe and secure. FDT offers the best quality leather dog leads that will provide you with both these aspects. Our expertly crafted leather dog leads are the best choice either for ordinary consumer or professional dog trainers.

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Strong Leather Leash with Floating Brass O-ring

Perfect for Stylish Control Leather Dog Leash

Great Assortment of Leather Leashes

Leather leashes, certainly much more expensive than the ones crafted of artificial fabrics, still they look inherently stylish and posh due to the perfect properties of this precious material. Leather leashes come in an assortment of styles and designs. In most cases, leashes are available in black and brown colors to coordinate with the dog's collar. To choose the best design, a dog owner should consider their pet's needs, such as the animal's size, temperament, age, and breed, comfort on the leash, and the purpose for using the leash.
Choosing the precise type of leash is very important because each dog differs.

No matter which type of dog leash an owner chooses, they should opt for the one that best suits their intentions and can safely and comfortably handle their canine.

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Super Control Vizsla Leash with Floating Ring

Better Control Leather Pull Tab with Floating Ring

Perfect Characteristics of Leather

100% full grain latigo leather, our leashes are crafted of, is strong, durable. Additionally treated with oils, natural material becomes soft and pleasant to touch. All the products are sure to serve you for a long time, providing you and your canine with a perfect service and joy of having such a quality tool. Leather is considered to be one of the best material for leash manufacturing for a number of reasons. Let's learn all of them:
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistance to tear
  • High resistance to flexing
  • High resistance to puncture
  • Good heat insulation
  • Leather contains a great deal of air, which is a poor conductor of heat. This is an important comfort consideration.
  • Leather can be moulded and will retain its new shape. It has both elastic and plastic properties in wear.
  • Leather is rather soft to be maximally comfortable to hold/carry.

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Easy Grab Leather Black Russian Terrier Pull Tab

Easy Grab Leather Black Russian Terrier Pull Tab for off-leash training

The most important leash feature is a secure clip to attach to the dog's collar or harness, as the best and strongest leash in the world is useless if it doesn't stay attached to your dog. The clasp must be strong and reliable to withstand heavy loads when the dog pulls. Our leather leashes are fitted with reliable snap hooks that are rather strong not to break under a great deal of force. Besides, the fittings are plated with brass or nickel. So that even if the leash is regularly got wet, it will resist corrosion, avoiding weakening over time.These high-quality snap hooks will probably never break. The gold or silver colors of the snaps really add to the classy look of the leash.

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Securely Riveted Brass Snap Hook

Riveted Snap Hook for Safe Walking

Care Instructions

Dog leashes should be examined periodically for stretching, fraying, rips, rusty buckles, or other weak points that could break when a dog pulls in excitement or fear. If a leash becomes wet, dry it with a towel as much as possible and allow it to fully dry before being stored.

Experts recommend that leather leashes should be cleaned and conditioned as needed to stay good as new. Without proper care, your leash could crack or wear out rather quickly.  

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