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Leather Dog Harnesses

Made of Full Grain Genuine Leather Harnesses of Exquisite Design

Are you looking for a reliable leather harness for your dog? Have a look at one of these high-quality leather accessories! They are training and walking, of specific use or multifunctional ones. A wide range of dog harnesses won’t leave you indifferent. Each leather dog harness impresses with its unique design, elaborate pattern and fashion studs. Training dog harness is of increased durability and strength. Walking dog harness is attractive whether it is studded or not. Elegance, safety and comfort are the main priorities when manufacturing FDT leather harnesses. Make your dog’s outfit really distinguished, choose one of these harnesses for dogs!

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What harness to choose?

Which harness is the best for your beloved dog is always a challenging question. Most harnesses are created for different dog activities such as walking and training. They are equally dependable in wearing, so you can fully rely on this dog gear when controlling your pet. Having control over your dog on walks is essential for a handler. The right type of dog accessory takes the first place in this case.

Leather harnesses are a great tool thanks to the comfort they deliver the dog. Easy adjustment makes putting on/off easy and fast. It is highly important as there are many restless and lively pets who hate stand still long. There are hundreds of such harnesses available, many of them vary in style and function. With the wide variety to choose from, you can find the right fit for your favourite dog.

One leather harness helps to reduce pulling whereas another one was specially made for pulling. Attack/agitation training harness will be appropriate for heavy duty dog training. During training the handler should be sure in the reliability and durability of the dog`s equipment applied and has guarantee of dog’s health safety. FDT leather supplies provide safety and convenience in use.

Wearing a harness is always an advantage.

Dog harnesses are designed to allow your pet to push with the chest rather than the throat and a properly fitted harness removes pressure from your dog’s sensitive trachea by distributing the pressure more evenly around the dog’s body, therefore providing better comfort for your dog. This is why dog harnesses are recommended. Moreover, dog harnesses provide an escape-proof alternative to the traditional collar.

Royal Looking Leather French Bulldog Harness

French Bulldog Tan Leather Harness with Decorations

The most important consideration when choosing a dog harness is comfort. A good fit can be reached through the correct dog measuring. You will need to measure your dog. There is a table ‘How to size your dog for this harness’ on each page for your convenience. Adjustable leather straps will help you to fit the gear tightly and reliably. Nevertheless, the tool doesn’t restricts pet’s movements allowing him to feel freedom being harnessed.

Get benefit from smart harness construction

Walking and training harness in most cases is y shaped. Such chest is padded with soft felt to reduce pressure and diminish pain or hit. But y shaped leather dog harness also fulfils a decorative function. Its chest can be adorned with studs or spikes made of brass or nickel plated material. Beautiful adornments are firmly riveted and will not fall away. Premium quality covering will not tarnish and stays in perfect condition for a long time. The hardware of each harness, D-ring, buckles and rivets, matches the decorations. Strong metal makes the fittings sturdy and almost unbreakable.

Cane Corso Black Leather Harness Spiked for Walking in Beauty

Cane Corso Harness Black Leather with Awesome Brass Spikes

Natural genuine leather is best choice for gentle care for your dog’s skin. Checked and tested for strength, durability and safety, this stuff is absolutely eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Nothing will bother your dog when he/she is in one of these wonderful harnesses, make your order right now and let your pet be happy!

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