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Jute Bite Tugs

Jute Bite Tugs - Eco-Clean and Dog-Safe, Extra Durable

A wide range of jute bite tugs of different shapes and sizes - everything you need either if your young doggie is just going to start a bite work or ready to move to the next level in bite skills improvement. Fordogtrainers is ready to provide your pet with the highest quality equipment: Pocket Toy Tug, Dog Bite Rag for Prey Drive, Huge Jute Tug with Handles for Stronger Grip Developing and Bite Pads and Pillows are available in our online store. All the tools are stuffed with non-toxic material to make the training absolutely harmless to the canine. Carefully stitching ensures a durable construction that will not be torn apart after several uses. Most of the models are equipped with strong nylon handles, you can use to hold the items firmly and keep your hands at a safe distance during training session. Check Jute Tug with T-shape Handle which is much easier to grab than any other gears. Check all the tugs offered here and make your choice.
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What is jute bite tug and shares of its use

Every dog owner should focus on his dog training, as developing canine instincts is an important part of canine's life. A bite tug is a basic drive and grip building tool. It is widely used for police, military and Schutzhund dog training, still, they are indispensable for a bite and retrieve exercising at home. Bite tugs are perfect both for puppies and training adult dogs. Although training surely requires much attention, one should not forget about the daily routine of his precious doggie - playing and interactive games immensely strengthen friendly relations between owner and his pet. A bite tug is a good alternative to a rubber ball or any other toy. Our store presents jute bite tugs of pocket size to be a great motivator and target for your canine during daily walks. One more way to use jute bite tug is to encourage the dog with it during obedience training. So sometimes bite tug can serve some time as a reward. What you should know about the material the tugs on this page are made of: Jute is considered to be a traditional material for bite tugs manufacturing. It is a natural fabric that is safe and non-toxic. Its main advantage is that jute will not endanger a dog's health and dog's teeth in particular. All the model are manufactured of the thickest and toughest material to resist bites.

Let's conclude and name the full list what bite tugs can be used for

  • beginning level of puppy bite training
  • advanced puppy bite exercising
  • developing full bite grip
  • building better position grip
  • developing stronger grip
  • playing and fetching fun
  • developing retrieve skills and healthy prey drive
  • can be a reward

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Dog-friendly Jute Bite Rag with Comfortable Handle

Dog-Safe Bite Rag for Belgian Malinois Training

Safety is our priority

All of the jute tugs produced by FDT can stand dog's sharp teeth biting and tugging. They are crafted of a strong jute material which is also used for producing bite suits. This is a forcible argument that speaks to their credit of its durability. But when it comes to the tool suitable for daily use, a special attention should be paid to the safety. Our dog training supplies are approved by professional dog trainers, behaviorists and veterinarians because they are crafted in accordance with International Standards. Our professionals designed bite tools which make training as safe as possible for your canine. First of all, due to non-toxic and non-allergenic exterior material, your doggy will never experience allergy or skin irritation. Bite tugs are heavy stuffed with safe eco-friendly materials.  The supply has no metal or plastic parts, therefore your dog will not be injured during training sessions. It will do good for retrieve training and bite work.
Remember! It is prohibited to leave a dog with a bite tug alone because a dog can tear it apart and have serious health problems or even choke with the stuffing.

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Jute bite Tug with 2 Handles for Riesenschnauzers

Quality Stitched Bite Training Tug for Riesenschnauzer Training

An ideal bite tool for every dog and his owner

Choose the bite tug relying on your preferences. There is a great choice of tugs different in shapes and dimensions. They vary in length and diameter. There are bite tugs with one, two, three handles or with no handle at all.
Check the variety of bite tugs to make the correct choice:

  • Train your little puppy with super reliable Jute Bite Tug 1 3/4" * 8 inch. It is an awesome training toy that will help your pet to get used to training since its puppyhood.
  • If you want to train your canine with a really long-lasting gear to optimize training results, this Duly Stitched Jute Bite Pad will be helpful in the case. it has 3 handles: 2 side handles and one in the middle, which makes it perfect for one-handed use.
  • Bite rugs are tools for beginner dogs with developing grip. The movement of this tug imitates the unpredictable movements of a life prey, thus it is suitable for triggering and encouraging the predatory instinct.
  • Long Jute Bite Tug with Handles is recommended by professional breeders and dog trainers for young dog bite skills improvement.
  • Though, the most of the models are stuffed, there you will also find the tool without stuffing - Jute Pocket Toy with Loop-like Handle.
  • Jute Dog Bite Builder is an ideal transition before doing sleeve work by practising a sufficiently deep and safe grip.
  • If you have a desire to get ready for the training of different kind and levels, we are glad to make you a special offer - Ultimate Dog Training Set (6 Bite Tugs) and Get 3 Amazing Gifts.
Dog Bite tugs set

Bite Tugs Set at the Best Price with Amazing Gifts

Benefits of training with jute bite tugs

Start training your dog with the best equipment ever. Many professional dog trainers consider dog bite tug to be an effective training tool in prey drive and "retrieve" skills development, as well as is perfect for strong grip developing. With our Jute Bite Tugs, you have the opportunity to guarantee your pet's fruitful education and brilliant future. The supplies are well-stitched with heavy-duty threads for better durability. So, don't be afraid, your dog won't tear it. For better comfort, most of the tugs are equipped with an easy to grab handle or handles. The anti-slip surface of the handles helps to hold them firmly and also allows you to control the dog’s grip and to complicate the task with different movements. The handles are stitched to the tug to assure the reliability of the item. In addition, the bite tug is machine washable, so you can keep it clean. Jute keeps its shape perfectly, so the tool doesn't deform. 

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German Shepherd Training with Jute Bite Developerwith 3 Handles

German Shepherd Training with Strong Jute Bite Builder with Handles

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