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Painted Dog Muzzles

Exclusive Handpainted Leather Muzzles for Walking and Agitation Training

Want your four-footed friend to stand out in the crowd? Buy one of our designer painted leather dog muzzles to emphasize your dog's individual style and his personality. Here, in this category, you will find 'American Flag' painted dog muzzle, 'Barbed Wire' painted leather muzzle, 'Blue Fire' hand painted muzzle, 'Fire Flames' painted dog muzzle and anti bark painted leather dog muzzle. Though these painted dog muzzles have a pretty unique design, their usage is the same as of ordinary dog muzzles. You may use designer dog muzzle for comfortable daily walking, safe training, visiting groomer or veterinarian, dog transportation and visiting public places. No matter for what purpose or which model you will choose, be sure, with our Painted Dog Muzzle your doggie will always feel comfortable and have his/her personal style.
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Best Dog Muzzle to Prevent Biting

Most dog owners are confused with a great variety of dog muzzles. The first confusion is which model to choose to provide their dog with comfort and safety while walking or training. The second one is which size will perfectly fit their dog. This article is meant to help you to find the answers to the questions most dog owners face and to make the best choice for your pet to enjoy his/her muzzle. In this category you will find the muzzle which will help you to make your dog's training sessions and daily walks safe and comfy for him/her.

In most countries, there are some strict rules as regards dog walking in public places. While choosing a muzzle, you should take into account that sometimes walking with your doggie may take more time than you planned, so your dog will be muzzled for a longer period. That is why, when you muzzle your pet, you have to be sure that your four-footed friend will feel comfortable.

Flame Painted Leather Dog Muzzle

Awesome Hand Painted Leather Dog Muzzle

Advantages of Painted Dog Muzzles

Choosing a dog muzzle is not an easy task. Please, get acquainted with more detailed description of the advantages of these painted dog muzzles.

The painted muzzle is made of black full grain genuine leather. Special metal bar inside the front part and reinforcement on both sides of the muzzle protect your dog's nose from possible traumas during attack training and help the muzzle to retain its shape after a hard work. Soft felt padding on the upper part protects your pet from unpleasant skin rubbing. Wide enough snout part allows your dog to breathe freely with his mouth open. Special holes provide free air flow. Adjustable straps will help you to fit the leather muzzle snug.

As for the paint. No one wants to harm your dog's health. That is why our artists use only water based paint which is non-toxic and absolutely safe for the pet's health. The advantage of such paint is that it adheres perfectly to leather surface, breathes, stretches and it is water resistant. It stays stuck to the surface of the dog muzzle under its intended usage. It is important to mention that all the paintings on muzzles, as well as muzzle itself, are made by the hands of our artists and craftsmen.

Due to the high quality materials, well thought-out design and durability of the gear, the intended use of Painted Dog Muzzle is pretty wide. Below you may find a short list when you can use the item:

  • Daily walking
  • Attack/Agitation training
  • Walking in style
  • Vet/Groomer visiting
  • Off-leash walking
  • Traveling

If you faced the dog barking problem, our anti bark painted leather muzzle will help you to solve it. This muzzle for dog has snugly fitted shape. It won't let your dog to open its mouth to bark. So, quiet time will be guaranteed. The muzzle has soft padding inside of the nose part to prevent your pet from skin rubbing and unpleasant feeling with the muzzle on. One more advantage of this anti bark muzzle is beautiful flame painting made by the hands of our professional artists. With this leather muzzle on, your pet will be distinguished in the crowd not only for its loud barking but also for its extraordinary look.

There are some people who like stuff with different state symbols. For those we have something special, the 'American Flag' painted leather muzzle. If you are a resident of this country or you just fond of its culture, you may take a piece of it even at your dog's daily walk or training sessions.

American Flag Pattern Dog Muzzle

Designer Painted Leather Dog Muzzle

If you have some hesitation about the size of the muzzle you need for your doggie, please, follow the link to get more information about the procedure of taking your dog's measurements. If you still have any questions, please, call or email our Support Team.

If you are an owner of medium and large breed dog, and you want to emphasize his/her strength and power, have a look at our 'Barbed Wire' and 'Fire Flames' Painted Leather Muzzles. Their upgraded design and awesome painting won't leave you indifferent.

Hand Painted Leather Dog Muzzle for Dogs

Barbed Wire Design Dog Muzzle

How to accustom your dog to Leather Dog Muzzle

If you never muzzled your pet before, let your canine to get used to it. Many professional dog trainers recommend accustoming your dog to a muzzle with the help of his favorite treats. Put several pieces inside the muzzle and feed your pet. Do it several times, and only then put the muzzle on your doggie for a short period. And gradually make these periods longer and longer.

Please be advised! Though our muzzles are made in accordance with necessary standards, it is not recommended to leave the dog with the muzzle on for a long time. After some period of use, let your pet have some rest. Also, never leave your doggie without supervision when he is muzzled. He may cause injuries to himself and, of course, he may damage the item with his paws. So, follow these simple rules, and your dog's painted leather muzzle will serve you for ages.

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