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Metal Dog Muzzles

Durable, Safe and Comfortable, Great for Everyday Use with Perfect Ventilation Metal Muzzles

If you faced the question "Where can I buy a muzzle for my dog?" you found the right "place". Here we will help you to close this question for many years. In this category we offer metal muzzles for small, medium and large breed dogs, steel nickel plated wire cage muzzles, black rubber covered muzzles meant for winter walking, metal dog muzzles with snout padding and fully padded wire cage muzzles, metal muzzles with one and two adjustable straps. Choose the best Metal Dog Muzzle for your beloved doggy!
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Why do people choose a metal muzzle for their dogs?

First of all, because of their perfect ventilation. Being muzzled, your pet will be able to breath, to pant and even to drink water but still the muzzle will prevent your canine from biting, chewing or picking poisonous stuff up from the ground. Wide enough meshes allow you even to feed your canine with small treats during long walks or training sessions. According to law, in public places you may walk your dog only with a muzzle on. But it doesn't mean that your pet should spit cotton or famish. With metal muzzle that allows eating and drinking, you will be able to walk your dog everywhere and as long as you want.

If it is your first time when you order metal basket muzzle or you simply hesitate which size to choose, you should provide us with accurate dog's measurements (length, circumference, width and height of the snout; eye line and neck circumference) and we will find the best fit item for your doggie. If you are not sure that you know how to size your dog properly, this how to measure article will surely help you.

Well-Ventilated Metal Dog Muzzle

Comfy Metal Dog Muzzle

Benefits of Metal Muzzles

The construction of the dog muzzle is simple, but at the same time well thought-out. The foundation is made of nickel plated steel wire which doesn't deform or corrode. The wires are perfectly welded together. It will assure you of its durability, reliability and as a result of long service life of the item. The affordable price and long lifespan of the item will help you to save your time and money. Buy our metal basket dog muzzle once and enjoy your dog's walking and training for many years.

We offer you metal muzzles with two ways of fixation on your dog's head. One type of muzzles is fixed with one strap. Another one has a front strap (between the dog's eyes) for additional fixation. Both types may be used for different activities such as everyday walking, training, dog socializing etc. The straps are adjustable. So, it will be easy for you to fit the muzzle snug. Choose the best fit type for your doggie in accord with your dog breed features. For example, if your pet has some forelock, it will be more comfortable for him to wear one strap muzzle.

Another most important feature of our metal basket muzzle is its inside padding. There is some leather lining on the inside snout part of the muzzle to provide your dog with comfort and safety. The latter part has a soft felt padding which protects your pet's snout from unpleasant rubbing. It is important to mention that we also offer fully padded metal muzzles for hard dog working.

If you are a resident of wet or cold areas, our special cage dog muzzle with rubber covering is the best solution for you. Black rubber covering will prevent your dog from injuries caused by sticking to wire cage with his tongue or snout. Please note, rubber covered muzzles are not recommended for those who live in hot areas. Direct sun rays may heat the black cover and create uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling.

Metal Basket Dog Muzzle for Easy Breathing

Free Breathing Metal Basket Dog Muzzle

While choosing a dog muzzle, you should first take into account for what purpose you are going to buy it. The advantage of the metal basket dog muzzle is its universality. You may use it for:

  • some kinds of training (for example, obedience or off leash training)
  • vet and groomer visiting
  • dog transportation
  • socializing your pet
  • daily walking.

One item - so many kinds of use! Sounds great, doesn't it?

Due to well thought-out, comfortable design, dog safe materials and durability, our metal muzzles for dogs are recommended by professional dog trainers, behaviorists and veterinarians.

We try to do our best to help our customers to choose the best muzzle for their beloved pet. That is why we offer you as much information about our dog gear as we can (detailed description with photos, video, size charts). If you still have some questions, you may also call or email our Support Team to receive some additional information.

If you still hesitate, which type of muzzles for dogs to choose leather or metal one, it will be helpful for you to get acquainted with all types of dog muzzles we offer you and the questions most dog owners frequently face.

Metal Basket Muzzle for Dogs

Well-Ventilated Metal Basket Muzzle

How to accustom your dog to Metal Dog Muzzle

Before to start training your dog with a muzzle on, let your pet get used to it. Put it on your dog for short periods of time. Then gradually make this period longer. It is not recommended to leave your dog muzzled for a long period. Let your canine have some rest, for example, after an hour of work with a muzzle on. Also, never leave your muzzled pet without supervision to escape unpleasant consequences.

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