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Fire Hose Bite Tugs

Dog Fire Hose Bite Tugs - Extremely Durable and Strong Bite Tugs for Different Activities

More excitement, more efficiency and joy your favourite dog will receive with one of these Fire hose bite dog tugs. These accessories make wonderful tug toys and training aids at once. The fire hose tugs are made out of durable, but not indestructible, tough, nylon fire hose material that has no metal or squeakers and is safe and strong. Being easy to clean, you can throw them in the washer and then let them air dry. The tug toys are great for training, tugging, Schutzhund, agility or just having fun on land or in the water.
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NEW ARRIVALS - Dog Bite Tugs

Fire hose bite dog tugs, French Linen bite dog tugs, leather bite dog tugs or jute bite dog tugs - a variety of accessories impresses sufficiently. Fire Hose gear is made to serve for years without any fault. The products come of different shape and size, with 1-2 handles or without any. The tugs are stuffed and stitched at the edges to be strong and reliable. The gear responds to the standards of safety being absolutely eco-friendly and safe. The Fire Hose bite tug toys are used for different kinds of training such as retrieving, schutzhund, building/developing/improving bite dog skills. Present your favourite doggie one of these functional tugs and make the tugging happy and full of fun!


Fire Hose bite tugs for dogs are made of extra strong stuff which is used for manufacturing working overalls for firemen. The material has high resistance to tear and wear. Increased durability of the gear allows you to apply the tug longer, thus saving your money.


Each item is firmly stuffed with allergy-free filling. Thus, no dog will suffer from allergy or irritation. Checked and tested, these fire hose bite dog tugs will deliver only pleasant emotions during usage.


Strong and reliable enough, these tug toys make excellent helpers during training and playing. The tools are reinforced with stitching at the edges. Such approach prevents the stuffing from falling out. Even the strongest biters won’t damage the accessories. Exciting game of tug will become safe and enjoyable.

Variety of models

  Fire Hose bite dog tugs with handle
It works for motivating your dog to bite and focus. There is one handle which is made with heavy duty thick nylon. It is very strong in strength. This tug is made for those power dogs. As always no training tug should be left with the dog as a chew toy.

Fire Hose Tug for Efficient Training

Black Russian Terrier plays with Fire Hose Bite Tug

Fire Hose bite dog tugs without handle
Expect long-lasting fun with Fire hose toys! Made with double-stitched seams and real firehose material, these toys are built to stand up to tough chewers. Perfect for fetch, tug or toss games, Fire hose tugs will keep your pet having fun. Bound to become one of your best friend’s favorites, these lovable toys are durable and comfortably designed, so you can have huge fun with your furry friend.
Fire Hose bite dog tugs with 2 handles

Fire Hose Tug for Bite Dog Training

Belgian Malinois Fire Hose Tug

Great for agility training, tug, schutzhund, retrieval training, search and rescue or for just plain fun! The dog equipment is made of eco-friendly materials.
Fire Hose pocket bite dog tugs
These tugs are very strong and durable. This pocket tugs are hard and stiff not soft and super flexible. The tugs are a very important part of working a dog in training. Small sized accessories are easy to stick in a pocket and comfy to carry.
Our FDT Fire Hose bite tugs will help you to start/continue or improve your dog’s training by no means. Diversify your canine's routine training sessions and you will see how happy and targeted your dog will become. Playing will turn into a challenging process through which it is much easier to involve the doggie into an educational process.  
NOTE: These tugs are not intended to be used as chew toys and are best if used outdoors.

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